IST-145 RSM on Predictive Analytics & Analysis in the Cyber Domain

Tuesday, 10. October 2017 until Wednesday, 11. October 2017 08:00 - 18:00

IST-145 Specialists' Meeting on "Predictive Analytics and Analysis in the Cyber Domain", will take place in Sibiu, Romania, 10 - 11 October 2017.    CALL FOR CONTRIBUTION: Deadline for receipt of extended abstracts: 31 July 2017 and Invited Papers:31 August

Specialists' Meeting Topics:

The primary objectives of the Specialists' Meeting are to

1. Bring together in one group or forum the subject matter experts researching and developing PA Tools for use with Big Data (hard and soft) in order to improve understanding and share thoughts on predictive analytics

2. Bring together researchers, practitioners, and vendors to discuss the state of the art and practice on predictive analysis in the cyber domain

3. Provide a forum to present current tangible and theoretical research in the field of Predictive Analysis of Adversarial Cyber Operations

4. Investigate and suggest an international way forward to progress the state of the art and implementation of adversarial cyber behavior prediction.

We are seeking papers, research, use-case studies and/or analyses on the predictive analysis of adversarial cyber operations including but not limited to the following topics:

- Predictive tools being used in big data

- Findings or experiments on relationships between algorithm types implementing analytics and domain of implementation

- Fusion of different analytic approaches for prediction of non-signature based cyber attacks

- Cyber situational awareness conveyance tools and methods situation description

- Detection of and COA selection as a function of threat capability as defined by the Defence Science Board

- Evaluation of threats that leverage known vulnerabilities with previously unseen exploits

- Characterisation of adversarial behavior within a network including TTPs

- Methods for detecting unknown vulnerabilities

- Measures and metrics of adversarial cyber activity

- Methods for dealing with adversarial adaptation to predictive models

- Cyber OODA loop

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