MSG-149 Symposium on M&S Technologies and Standards for Enabling Alliance Interoperability and Pervasive M&S Applications

Thursday, 19. October 2017 until Friday, 20. October 2017 10:00 - 18:00

The NATO Modelling and Simulation Master Plan highlights the requirement for modelling and simulation (M&S) education in NATO. This conference will provide attendees a forum to advance M&S in the Alliance. The combination of M&S users and developers concentrated in this one forum will not only educate attendees, but also provide fresh ideas for the advancement and effective use of M&S in NATO.


Modelling and Simulation (M&S) has become a critical technology in NATO and Partner Nations. M&S provides training opportunities where mission complexity or limited resources restrict live exercising possibilities. Analysis and Mission planning tools use M&S to support operational decision making. Simulation technology is still rapidly evolving – the past years have shown significant progress, not in the least in the consumer and civilian market. These technological advancements create opportunities for new and innovative applications that can counteract the threats our military organisations face, as well as the fiscal realities. Simulation standards can improve interoperability within the Alliance and enable even more effective use and sharing of NATO and national assets. New technologies and standards nowadays allow easy access to simulation assets for a broader community than ever before; thus making M&S a truly pervasive technology.
This Symposium will look at developments to help expand NATO’s M&S capabilities in order to provide cost-effective and valid simulation tools. Developments of special interest include (but are not limited to):
• Real-World Modelling (terrain and behaviour)
• M&S as a Service
• Composable simulations
• C2-Simulation interoperability
• Interoperability verification testing
The Symposium will provide a forum to identify and gain input on and resolution of issues associated with NATO M&S Policy, provide overviews of current NATO M&S activities pertaining to both the development and effective employment of M&S, to highlight M&S impact assessments and lessons-learned.
During the 2017 NMSG Symposium, a specific topic of current interest for NATO/National priority will be chosen for the next year’s edition of this event
It is anticipated the event will also pursue Keynote Addresses from the Host Nation and NATO representatives as well as Invited Papers.

This activity is open to NATO, PfP, Global Partners and Invited Contact Countries. All sessions will be Unclassified/Unlimited.

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