Call for Papers AVT-322 Research Specialists' Meeting on Combustion Products, Exposure and Related Risks

Monday, 20. May 2019 until Wednesday, 22. May 2019 08:00 - 17:30


General Scope and Meeting Objectives

This Specialists’ Meeting will be held in conjunction with the AVT-277 Research Task Group on “Hazard assessment of exposure to ammunition-related constituents and combustion products”. The scope of the meeting is to exchange information about the various approaches used and results obtained trying to evaluate the potential hazards associated with the firing of ammunition with regards to the exposure to emissions / combustion products.

The various stages from predicting combustion products by models, measuring the emitted combustion products, identifying exposure pathways and assess the final toxicity, will be addressed. These topics maybe of interest to manufacturers, buyers and users of ammunition, research/testing laboratories and occupational health officers from Defense departments and law enforcement organizations in order for them to assess the potential hazards of ammunition for the user and its direct surroundings.

This meeting is setup to learn about various approaches and results from a broad audience by presenting their work and visions on these topics.

Meeting Topics

Papers are invited in the areas of:

  • Ammunition emissions analysis; Setup, measurement methods, results, analysis and interpretation
  • Computational prediction models; For predicting emission products and translation “lab-scale” to larger scale
  • Exposure to combustion products and the effect of modus operandi and local parameters such as wind, humidity and temperature
  • Toxicity assessment; Approach, mitigation procedures and interpretation

The focus of the Specialist Meeting will be on determining the health hazards for personnel during the firing of small calibre ammunition, but contributions regarding human health hazards and mitigation from the firing of larger calibre ammunition and the demilitarization of ammunition are welcome.


All details about the event, deadlines and schedule, as well as the abstract and paper format requirements are provided in the PDF document "Call for Paper" on the right.





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