Call for Participation AVT-340 Workshop on Preparation and Characterization of Energetic Materials

Wednesday, 29. April 2020 until Friday, 01. May 2020

Abstract Submission Deadline: 11 October 2019

All details about the event, deadlines and schedule, as well as the abstract and presentation format requirements are provided in the PDF document "Call for Papers" on the right.


Framework of the Meeting

The Applied Vehicle Technology Panel of the NATO Science and Technology Organization is organizing a Workshop concerning the “Preparation and Characterization of Energetic Materials”, under its Propulsion and Power Systems Focus. The meeting is open to NATO nations plus Australia, Finland and Sweden  is classified as “NATO UNCLASSIFIED OPEN TO AUSTRALIA, FINLAND AND SWEDEN ”. The meeting is to be held in Québec City, Canada during the Spring 2020 AVT Panel Business Meeting week, from 29 April to 1 May 2020. This 2 ½ day workshop is slated to cover 18-20 presentations, several of which will be invited. Full meeting proceedings will be published on the CSO website:


General Scope and Meeting Objectives

There has been an assessment made by NATO nations on the state of development of energetic materials in the world that concluded that NATO nations should collaborate to accelerate the rate of development of new energetic material solutions. At the same time, there are important advances being made in the world related to energetic materials, namely new more performant molecules being synthesized, the production of propellants and explosives by additive manufacturing, new processing technologies that are faster and produce better quality of products, and emerging concepts promising a step function in performance. It is therefore important that NATO nations discuss all those topics at this point in time. This workshop is the follow-up from an exploratory team AVT-ET-197 on the Preparation and Characterization of Energetic Materials.

The objective of this workshop is to share important advances in three to four critical topics for energetic materials. It will help establish the state-of-the-art in energetic materials and will allow nations to find commonalities in their work, as well as differences. This information will have to relate to ways to rapidly fill capability gaps within the NATO countries. This information will then be used to focus the topics in the corresponding Research Task Group (RTG). In theory, it should then be possible to apply burden sharing by dividing future work among nations to accelerate the rate of development.


Workshop Topics

Papers are invited in the areas of:

Modelling and Simulation

  • Computational chemistry
  • Machine learning
  • Mesoscale simulations


  • Detonics
  • Initiation
  • Performance measurements

Processing (molecules and formulations)

  • Emerging processing techniques
  • Additive manufacturing

Advanced Energetics

  • Synthesis of new molecules
  • New concepts for energetics
  • Structure Property Relationships

Specific, invited speakers will be sought for advanced topics in Machine learning (ML) for new energetic materials, novel processing technologies for propellant and explosive formulations, environmentally-friendly alternatives which can also provide more capability.


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2019-10-12, 02:00
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