SCI-309 Workshop on Opportunities/Implications of Large Scale Commercial Small Satellite Constellations to NATO Operations

This Workshop is NATO UNCLASSIFIED and is open to NATO Nations, Australia, Finland, Sweden and Singapore.

Participation in this Workshop is by invitation only.

Monday, 04. February 2019 until Thursday, 07. February 2019 08:00 - 17:30

SAS-137 Research Symposium: Integration of Women into Ground Combat Units


The NATO STO's Systems Analysis and Studies (SAS) Panel conducts studies, analysis and information exchange activities that explore how operational capability can be provided and enhanced through the exploitation of new technologies, new forms of organization or new concepts of operation

In support of new initiatives, as well efforts to increase the representation of women in close ground combat units through enhanced selection, training, and retention strategies, this Research Symposium on Integration of Women into Ground Combat Units will provide opportunity to share lessons learned, best practices, and research analysis. It will provide insights to support the expansion of combat roles for women and to better understand the impact of gender integration on ground combat units.

Please note that this symposium is open to NATO Nations/Organizations, NATO STO Enhanced Opportunity Partners (Australia, Finland, Sweden) Partnership for Peace Nations, Argentina, India, Japan, New Zealand and Singapore.

The Programme Committee was able to build a mature programme with a focus on new and innovative ideas about threats and responses. Among the speakers are representatives from United States Marine Corps, Women In International Security, Canadian Ministry of Defence, Norwegian Defence Research Establishment, United Kingdom Defence Science and Technology Laboratory,  Ministry of Foreign Affairs Japan and German Ministry of Defense.

The General Information Package is available (password protected) at this meeting announcement after your registration is validated. This package contains all information to make travel arrangements and benefit from negotiated hotel rates. The limited number of blocked rooms will be released on 5 January 2019.

The Conference Booklet will be published at the same location (password protected) 1 week prior to the conference and only accessible to participants in the conference.

Tuesday, 05. February 2019 until Thursday, 07. February 2019 13:00 - 17:00

SET-257 on Compressive Sensing Techniques for Radar and ESM Applications - Athens (GRC)

Lecture Series Lecture Series Office
Booked: 4 | Free Seats: 46


Compressive sensing (CS) is a novel acquisition and processing technique that enables reconstruction of sparse signals from a set of non-adaptive measurements sampled at a much lower rate than required by the Nyquist-Shannon sampling theorem as pertaining to the full signal bandwidth. In particular, compressive sensing exploits the fact that the information bandwidth of the signal is much smaller than the full signal bandwidth.

For radar and ESM sensors, the use of CS may lead to several benefits, such as significant hardware reductions in ESM receivers, unambiguous signal recovery from incomplete measurements (filling in missing data) in interleaved radar modes (SAR/GMTI, multi-function radars) and sparse arrays, high resolution imaging with significantly less data and/or hardware.

The main objective of this Research Lecture Series is to present the fundamentals and the cutting edge of CS techniques for a number of radar and ESM applications, with an outlook to expected future developments and hardware implications of CS based architectures.


Topics to be covered:

  • Introduction and overview of CS applied to radar.
  • Introduction and application of CS for Electronic Support Measures (ESM).
  • Introduction and application of CS to Inverse SAR.
  • Hardware architectures for compressive sensing.
  • Application of CS to 2D/3D SAR.
  • Applications of convex optimization to GMTI.

General Information Package: it will be available once your enrollment has been validated and you have received a confirmation by email. This package will be accessible on this meeting announcement when you are logged in. 

Thursday, 14. March 2019 until Friday, 15. March 2019 08:30 - 17:00

RAMS/USAF and NATO STO HFM-309 Technical Course - Aerospace Medicine: Forward – Together

Technical Course Lecture Series Office
Booked: 63 | Free Seats: 162

The 2019 Ramstein Aerospace Medicine Summit (RAMS) and NATO Science and Technology Organization (STO) Technical Course will be held 18-21 March 2019 in Garmisch Partenkirchen Germany. The event will start at 0800 hours, 18 Mar 2019, and end at approximately 1630 hours, 21 Mar 2019.

The Course Director for the RAMS portion is Lt Col (Dr) Geoffrey Ewing, US Air Forces in Europe-US Air Forces Africa, Aerospace Medicine Division Chief. The Course Director for the NATO STO Technical Course portion is Lt Col (Dr) Richard Hannah, Air Division Surgeon, 1 Canadian Air Division HQ, Canadian Armed Forces.


The General Information Letter, with details about the venue, travelling, etc... will be available on this site once the CSO validates your enrolment.

It is called GIP - RAMS 2019 . pdf and you can find it just below the google maps picture on the right side of this text when you enter this page after you received the validation.



This Technical Course will address advances in aeromedical evacuation, human factors, clinical practice and emerging technology. The objective of this course is to provide state of the art knowledge and practices in aerospace medicine; sharing national practices; evaluate new, emerging and proposed technologies in order to optimise Aerospace Medicine in deployed area and multinational environments, focusing on Operational Aviation Medicine.

Topics to be covered

Multinational Operations - Cooperation and Partnerships - Interoperability - Operational Aviation Medicine - Aeromedical Evacuation - Human Factors - Situational Awareness - Psycho-physiological Enhancement - Mission Effectiveness - Clinical Practices - Selection and Training - Medical Standards


Monday, 18. March 2019 until Thursday, 21. March 2019 08:00 - 16:30

HFM 43 Panel Business Meeting (Berlin)

HFM 43 Panel Business Meeting

Monday, 08th April 2019 until Thursday 11th April 2019


By invitation of Germany, the 43rd HFM Panel Business Meeting (PBM) will be held in Berlin, Germany, from Monday 08th April 09:00 hrs to Thursday 11th April 2019 16:30 hrs.

To enroll you will need to login with your STO event credentials or create an account if you don’t already have one. After Login, you will see at the bottom of this page the green button book, click on it and you can start to enroll.

The General Information Package (GIP) in which you can find information on the PBM logistics, accommodation, travelling etc. is visible and ready for download on this website after you’ve been validated by the CSO office. You will find the GIP after validation below the google maps picture named as: GIP 43 PBM_SYMP BERLIN

During the PBM there is parallel the Symposium: Evidence-based Leader Interventions for Health and Wellness (09-10 April 2019). PBM members only enroll for the Panel Business Meeting. During the PBM there are several opportunities to join the symposium especially during the keynote speakers.

On Monday, 08th April, at 19:00hr our German Hosts will provide a Host Nation Welcome Reception, at the Ministry of Defence. If you would like to attend this event, please make sure you choose the right option in the drop down menu during your enrollment. 

On Tuesday 09th April at 19:00hr our German Host will provide a Non Host Gala dinner for participants and their partners for € 50,- per person held at the Steigenberger Hotel. Again, make sure that you choose the right option in the drop down menu during your enrollment.

The concept agenda of the 43 PBM Berlin as well as the concept symposium program is in Science connect;

Enrollment is closed at 24 March 2019.

Monday, 08. April 2019 until Thursday, 11. April 2019 09:00 - 16:30
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