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  • Mon 24 .

    Theme and Topics

    When mobility predictions get it wrong, vehicles become immobilized, putting the soldiers at risk and jeopardizing mission success.  Leveraging the most advanced physics models and modern computing power, Next Generation NATO Reference Mobility Model (NG-NRMM) will improve our capability to predict the mobility of ground platforms over a wide range of terrains.

    NATO’s Applied Vehicle Technology (AVT) Panel formed Research Task Group AVT-248 to develop a NG-NRMM.  The NG-NRMM has the potential to significantly reduce procurement risks enabling alternative solutions to be considered.  Secondly, it will provide operational decisions makers with a tool for assessing their own and opposing vehicle mobility in the area of operations, which will increase confidence in mission planning and reduce the risk of mission failures due to compromised vehicles.  The end result that will be demonstrated at the Collaborative Demonstration of Technology (CDT) event is a prototype process of loosely integrated technologies and tools contributed by the committee members and software developers.

    • The purpose of the CDT is to demonstrate the enhanced mobility prediction capabilities of NG-NRMM vs. NRMM.
    • Attendees will be introduced to the NG-NRMM technologies through a variety of presentations and demonstrations, where the differences with current NRMM will be highlighted.
    • Participants will experience a physical demonstration of a military prototype vehicle performing select mobility tests in a variety of soil conditions and see the corresponding software simulation of the same tests with NG-NRMM and NRMM.

    For more details on the programme please refer to the official AVT-308 Meeting Announcement on the right.

    This Collaborative Demonstration of Technology is open to NATO Nations, Australia, Finland, Sweden, Japan, Republic of Korea and South Africa only.

    The General Information Package (GIP) for this event in which you can find detailed information on logistics, accomodation etc. is visible and ready for download on this website at the right only for registered and officially re-confirmed participants.

    Monday, 24. September 2018 until Thursday, 27. September 2018 17:00 - 15:00
  • Sun 30 .


    Official registration for this event has been closed. However, there are still a few places left. If you are interested in participating in this CDT please get directly in contact with the AVT-249 co-chair

    Mrs. Tracey Temple, This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

    Thank you!


    Theme and Topics

    The goal of NATO’s Cooperative Demonstration of Technology (CDT) program within the Science and Technology Organization (STO) Collaborative Support Office (CSO) is to engage potential end users in a demonstration of current and emerging technologies, to illustrate the benefits to decision-makers and end-users of that technology, and to promulgate these technologies throughout the NATO nations. 

    For this CDT, the subject will be a demonstration of all aspects of technologies necessary to execute a successful, defensible characterization of a military training range for munitions constituents.

    The following objectives are to be addressed:

    • Classroom instruction on issues and errors in characterization of military training ranges; data quality objectives - criteria for representative samples; theory of sampling - science behind collection of representative samples; quality control - what needs to be performed and how to interpret the data for decision-making and sampling in the laboratory - representative test portion for analysis 
    • Demonstration of field sampling tools and equipment; methods to set-up decision units and sample collection methods
    • Case studies and practical application of study materials

     For more detailed information on the programme please refer to the AVT-249 Meeting Announcement on the right

    This activity is limited to 24 participants. The host country is allowed up to six spaces, all others a maximum of two spaces. This Collaborative Demonstration of Technology is open to NATO Nations and PfP Nations only.


    The General Information Package (GIP) for this event in which you can find detailed information on logistics, accomodation etc. is visible and ready for download on this website at the right only for registered and officially re-confirmed participants.

    Sunday, 30. September 2018 until Friday, 05. October 2018 17:00 - 15:00
  • Tue 2 .

    This Meeting is hosted by the NATO Modelling and Simulation Centre of Excellence (M&S COE) in Rome (Italy) 2-4 October 2018.

    Location: ITA MoD, “De Cicco” Barracks, Piazza R. Villoresi, 1 – 00143 Rome (Italy).

    OPEN TO NATO NATIONS, Australia, Finland and Sweden

    Request for visit: for the purpose of security screening, attendees must submit a “Request For Visit” (RFV) NLT 4 September 2018 in order to obtain access to the Italian “De Cicco” Barracks. Attendees must submit the RFV through diplomatic channel (his/her own Embassy/Consulate in Italy), to the Italian MoD Security Office (ITA Joint Staff 2° Division) at the following address:

    RIS CS
    00192 ROME

    This applies to every foreign visitor to an Italian MoD facility. NATO employees may work through their security office. Please be aware that MS COE POC cannot handle in any way the RFV.

    Tuesday, 02. October 2018 until Thursday, 04. October 2018 08:00 - 17:30
  • Thu 4 .

    Moral decisions are among the most difficult that soldiers will face, and they exist throughout the full-spectrum of military operations. A single bad decision can erode local, national, international and host nation support thereby derailing the strategic mission and putting troops at risk. Evidence exists linking moral decisions, attitudes and behaviors to military mental health and well-being. This is a crucial component of leaders’ responsibility for their soldiers. Recommendations are made including education and training, after action reviews, counseling, reintegration programs that seek to mitigate the threat to the mission and soldier well-being.

    The General Information Package will be available on this site once the CSO validates your enrolment.


    HFM-284 met het onderwerp “Morele besluitvorming en de Geestelijke Gezondheid van Militairen”

    Donderdag 04 oktober 2018 t/m vrijdag 05 oktober 2081 08.30 – 16.00 u.

    Onder de moeilijkste beslissingen waar soldaten voor staan vallen zeker de morele beslissingen die zich voordoen langs het hele spectrum van militaire operaties. Een enkele foute beslissing kan de steun voor de missie, zowel lokaal, nationaal en internationaal alsook vanuit het gastland (host-nation support) eroderen, wat funest kan zijn voor de strategische missiedoelen en de veiligheid van de militaire in het missiegebied in gevaar kan brengen. Er zijn aanwijzingen die laten zien dat er een verband is tussen morele beslissingen, geestelijke gezondheid en het gevoel van welbehagen. Dit is een cruciaal component van de verantwoordelijkheid van commandanten jegens hun soldaten. Aanbevelingen worden gedaan mbt o.a. opleiding en training, after-action reviews, psychische begeleiding, en reïntegratieprogramma’s die als doel hebben het gevaar voor de missie te mitigeren en het gevoel van welbehagen voor de militairen te bevorderen.


    Het Algemene Informatiepakket wordt beschikbaar gesteld nadat het CSO uw inschrijving heeft gevalideerd.

    Thursday, 04. October 2018 until Friday, 05. October 2018 08:30 - 16:00
  • Mon 8 .

    The SCI-42nd Panel Business Meeting is for SCI Panel Members and invited guests only.

    Monday, 08. October 2018 until Friday, 12. October 2018 08:00 - 13:00
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