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  • Tue 27 .

    REGISTRATION is now CLOSED for this event. If you registered after 30 January you are on the waitlist and your place is not assured. The event is fully subscribed. Individuals on the waiting list will be contacted directly if a place becomes free.



    This workshop aims to bring together a variety of national experts from different nations and different science and technology disciplines to share their views on future technology trends and their impact on military operations and capabilities.

    Specifically with respect to the STO Technology Trends Report production, the objective is to generate a set of militarily relevant technology trend areas with associated narratives that are properly informed by a diverse group of experts and that describe the predicted developments in each trend area, potential militarily relevant applications in each area and potential impact on military operations and capability development in the short ((

    The output from this workshop will form the basis for Workshop #2, where more a detailed assessment of the impact and probability of various applications in the trend areas will be conducted. The output from this workshop will also be made available to nations who may wish to make use of it in support of their own technology trends efforts.

    The workshop will run for two full days and be organized at the NATO STO/CSO facilities in Neuilly-sur-Seine, France.

    A list of pre-reading will be sent out one month prior to the workshop.

    Participation is open to national experts, preferably early-career, who are:

    • Knowledgeable in an area of exciting, ground-breaking science and technology (S&T), technology trends or technology foresight;

    • Able to imagine future applications of technology that could disrupt future warfare. For example by changing the propensity of state actors to go to war, the way warfighters behave during conflict, the way military forces are structured, or the costs associated with capability development and military operations;

    • Aware of predictions regarding potential developments in technology in the short

    • Able to explain themselves to non-experts;

    • Interested to learn about trends in other areas;

    • Thrilled when they get a chance to start a sentence with “in the future…”

    The total number of places is limited to 50. An initial allocation of up to two places per nation will be allocated on a first-come first-served basis. Unfilled places from this allocation will be allocated to participants whose background and expertise adds to the diversity of the group. All participants will receive firm confirmation of their place on or before 27 January 2018.

    Tuesday, 27. February 2018 till Wednesday, 28. February 2018 09:00 - 17:00
    NATO STO Technology Trends Workshop #1
  • Mon 19 .

    This is a Call for Abstract/Papers for the SET-SCI-254 Specialists Meeting on "Passive Radar"


    Topics to be covered:

    The objective of the meeting is to identify possible approaches to “Countering the Passive Threat”. It will be entirely focused on countering PCL and PET in both air and maritime domains - but with the aim of exploring as wide a range as possible of potential solutions - and not focused entirely on conventional “jamming” approaches.

    Although RF countermeasures will clearly form a large part of the topics considered, other areas which might be addressed include – but are not limited to:

    • Electronic Protective Measures
    • Estimating possible radar locations
    • Mission planning
    • Emission control or modification
    • Cyber approaches
    • Modelling tools
    • Destruction of broadcast transmitters

    The meeting will of course also consider the threat environment, but only in as much as is necessary to put the other topics in context.

    Once your registration is validated, please log in back to the site , go to your booking and download the general information package containing information about the venue


    In order to access the meeting site Dstl, Portsmouth, you have to provide Request for Visit via your National Channels You should contact your local Security Officer / Controller or your Embassy / High Commission in London for best advice on the Request for Visit (RFV) process from your location. The RFV must be submitted at least 28 working days prior to the event, therefore no later than 7th February 2018. US participants need to be aware that the RFV requirement is in addition to submitting a country clearance through APACS.


    “The request will go from the National Embassy/High Commission to the International Visit Control Office (IVCO) who will provide written confirmation to the Dstl Site Security Office for the meeting to proceed. IVCO will also confirm the highest classification of information that can be released to the visitor.”



    • US Abstract submission : 24 November 2017
    • All Abstracts submission: 08 December 2017
    • Acceptance notification: 15 December 2017
    • US Paper/Form13 submission: 12 February 2018
    • Final paper and Form 13 submission:08 March 2018

    All additional information concerning the abstracts and paperc submission are to find on the right side ( pdf file to download)

    Monday, 19. March 2018 till Tuesday, 20. March 2018 08:00 - 17:30
    SET-SCI-254 (RSM) Specialists'' Meeting on Counter Passive Radar
  • Mon 19 .


    This Technical Course will address advances in aeromedical evacuation, human factors, clinical practice and emerging technology. The objective of this course is to provide state of the art knowledge and practices in aerospace medicine; sharing national practices; evaluate new, emerging and proposed technologies in order to optimise Aerospace Medicine in deployed area and multinational environments, focusing on Operational Aviation Medicine.

    Topics to be covered

    Multinational Operations - Cooperation and Partnerships - Interoperability - Operational Aviation Medicine - Aeromedical Evacuation - Human Factors - Situational Awareness - Psycho-physiological Enhancement - Mission Effectiveness - Clinical Practices - Selection and Training - Medical Standards



    Monday, 19. March 2018 till Friday, 23. March 2018 08:00 - 12:30
    RAMS/USAF & NATO STO HFM-296 Technical Course - Aerospace Medicine - A century of challenging boundaries
  • Tue 10 .


    Participation is open to appointed Panel Members and Associate Members. Guests will be invited on behalf of the SAS Panel Chair.

    The Read Ahead package and the draft Agenda will be send 21 days prior the meeting. All meeting  documents will be uploaded to the SAS Panel Science Connect space.

    After your registration is validated and you have received a notification by email the General Information Package will be available after login at the meeting announcement at the STO Events site.


    Please note that 50% of the blocked rooms will be released by 12 February 2018. Reservations can be cancelled without penalty until 14:00 on the day before arrival.






    Tuesday, 10. April 2018 till Friday, 13. April 2018 08:00 - 12:00
    SAS 41th Panel Business Meeting
  • Mon 16 .


    By invitation of Italy, the 41st AVT Panel Business Week will be held  in Torino, Italy from 16 to 20 April 2018.

    During this PBM not only the AVT Panel Business Meeting but also well over 60 Technical and Exploratory Team Meetings, various AVT Committee Meetings and the following three events will be held:

    AVT-266 Specialists’ Meeting
    “Use of Bonded Joints in Military Applications”
    16-18 April 2018 (open to NATO Nations, Australia, Finland, Sweden and New Zealand)

    AVT-284 Research Workshop
    “Advanced Wind Tunnel Boundary Simulation”
    16-18 April 2018 (open to NATO Nations, Australia Finland and Sweden)

    AVT-267 Research Workshop
    “Future of Manufacturing for Military Applications”
    19-20 April 2018 (open to NATO Nations, Australia, Finland and Sweden)

    If you wish to participate in any of these three scientific events please enroll separately on the STO Events website. The enrollment links for each of these events can be found in the section "Workshop" respectively "Specialists' Meeting".


    Furthermore, our Italian hosts will host an Evening Reception on Monday, 16 April 2018 at the Castello del Valentino. Places are limited to 250 participants and will be granted on a first come, first serve basis. If you would like to attend this event, please make sure you have ticked the related box in the online registration form.


    The official PBM Time Schedule as well as the General Information Package (GIP) in which you can find detailed information on the PBM logistics, accomodation etc. are visible and ready for download on this website at the right only for registered and officially re-confirmed participants.



    Monday, 16. April 2018 till Friday, 20. April 2018
    AVT 41st Panel Business Meeting Week
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