Human Factors and Medicine (HFM) Panel Office

The mission of the Human Factors and Medicine Panel is to provide the science and technology base for optimising health, human protection, well being and performance of the human in operational environments with consideration of affordability. This involves understanding and ensuring the physical, physiological, psychological and cognitive compatibility among military personnel, technological systems, missions, and environments. This is accomplished by exchange of information, collaborative experiments and shared field trials.


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Military organizations have a moral obligation to ensure the health and wellness of their personnel to the extent possible. Moreover, a physically and psychologically healthy workforce is essential to optimal individual and organizational readiness and functioning. Military leaders from the tactical to strategic level have the potential to support or thwart the well-being of their personnel, directly through their assignments and behaviour, and indirectly through their impact on initiatives, policies, climate and culture.



The objective of this symposium is to bring together leading academics and military experts from a variety of health disciplines to consolidate current evidence-based leader interventions that support military personnel health and wellness from a holistic perspective in order to optimize individual and group functioning in operational and non-operational settings.



  • Total Health and Wellness in a Military Context (scope, e.g., physical, psychological, spiritual, family, etc.)
  • Risk and Protective Factors for Health and Wellness in a Military Context
  • Current Leader Initiatives/Practices to Support Personnel Health and Wellness
  • Evidence-based Leader Interventions and Tools for Health and Wellness at the Individual, Group, and Organizational Levels
  • Gaps in Evidence-based Leader Interventions for Health and Wellness in the Military
  • Barriers to Establishing/Identifying Evidence-based Leader Interventions for Health and Wellness in the Military
  • High Risk Groups: Where Military Leader Interventions for Health and Wellness are Most Necessary


Proposed abstracts should be sent to the Program Committee Chairs no later than 28 September 2018

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Monday, 08. April 2019 until Wednesday, 10. April 2019 08:00 - 17:30


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