Human Factors and Medicine (HFM) Panel Office

The mission of the Human Factors and Medicine Panel is to provide the science and technology base for optimising health, human protection, well being and performance of the human in operational environments with consideration of affordability. This involves understanding and ensuring the physical, physiological, psychological and cognitive compatibility among military personnel, technological systems, missions, and environments. This is accomplished by exchange of information, collaborative experiments and shared field trials.

Upcoming events

Call for Papers: HFM-300 Symposium on Human Autonomy Teaming (HAT)


The OBJECTIVES of this Symposium:

The symposium addresses human-autonomy teaming and human automation cooperation from the perspectives of the overall system, technological factors, human factors, operational issues and corresponding legal and ethical questions. It connects different domains like ground, air, sea, space and cyber, and bridges science with applications and operations. Starting from an overview where we came from regarding autonomy and human autonomy teaming, the symposium will briefly chart the state of the art, and especially map future directions, balancing risks and opportunities associated with this exciting development.



  • The big picture: Human autonomy teaming and cooperation in defense from a strategic perspective
  • The operational picture: Requirements, hopes and concerns from military
  • Teaming and cooperation requires sufficient autonomy: Autonomous capabilities that support teaming
  • Function division and relationships/roles (who does what functions, and in what kind of relationship?)
  • Human Machine interaction, communication & cooperation
  • Comprehension (how do humans & autonomy understand one another?)
  • Joint Learning/Training (collaborative learning methods, crew resource management, etc.)
  • Command and Control aspects of HAT
  • Ethical, Legal and Social aspects of HAT: Values, Authority, Trust, Responsibility, Accountability, morality
  • Assessing risks and benefits of HAT: Performance and Effectiveness Metrics


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Wednesday, 07. February 2018 till Saturday, 31. March 2018 08:00 - 00:00
RAMS/USAF & NATO STO HFM-296 Technical Course - Aerospace Medicine - A century of challenging boundaries


This Technical Course will address advances in aeromedical evacuation, human factors, clinical practice and emerging technology. The objective of this course is to provide state of the art knowledge and practices in aerospace medicine; sharing national practices; evaluate new, emerging and proposed technologies in order to optimise Aerospace Medicine in deployed area and multinational environments, focusing on Operational Aviation Medicine.

Topics to be covered

Multinational Operations - Cooperation and Partnerships - Interoperability - Operational Aviation Medicine - Aeromedical Evacuation - Human Factors - Situational Awareness - Psycho-physiological Enhancement - Mission Effectiveness - Clinical Practices - Selection and Training - Medical Standards



Monday, 19. March 2018 till Friday, 23. March 2018 08:00 - 12:30
HFM 41th PBM Sofia BGR

HFM 41th Panel Business Meeting accessible only for HFM Panel Members and Associated Members.

Guests will be invited on behalf of the HFM Panel Chair.

The Read Ahead package and the draft Agenda will be send 21 days prior the meeting. All meeting  documents will be uploaded to the HFM Panel Science Connect space.


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Monday, 16. April 2018 till Thursday, 19. April 2018 08:00 - 17:00
HFM-288 Workshop on Integrated Approach to Cyber Defence: Human in the Loop

HFM-288 Workshop on Integrated Approach to Cyber Defence: Human in the Loop is for invited guest. If you are not invited you only can attend after confirmation of the HFM Panel Executive.


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Please note that the negotiated hotel rates expire on 01 March 2018

Monday, 16. April 2018 till Wednesday, 18. April 2018 08:00 - 13:00


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