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The mission of the Human Factors and Medicine Panel is to provide the science and technology base for optimising health, human protection, well being and performance of the human in operational environments with consideration of affordability. This involves understanding and ensuring the physical, physiological, psychological and cognitive compatibility among military personnel, technological systems, missions, and environments. This is accomplished by exchange of information, collaborative experiments and shared field trials.


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Monday, 03. April 2017 till Thursday, 06. April 2017 08:00 - 16:30
HFM-275 Symposium on Military Suicide Prevention

Symposium Military Suicide Prevention

The primary objective of this symposium is to bring together leading NATO academic, military operators and clinical experts in Suicide Prevention to consolidate what we know about the personal challenges that lead to suicidal tendencies and how the HFM can inform both the NATO COMEDS and National military NATO leadership about the best evidence informed practices in mental health in order to prevent suicide and suicidal behaviors.

The intended audience for the HFM-NATO-275 (Military Suicide) Symposium would include members of the academia and clinicians who are actively engaged in the prevention of suicide among military service members and veterans as well as line leadership and key personnel policy makers. This activity is primarily focused on research and clinical endeavors in military suicide prevention but it is recognized that the suicide prevention efforts cannot be achieved without the chain of command engagement.

 The objectives of the HFM-NATO-275 (Military Suicide) Symposium are twofold:

 1) To consolidate and to share across nations, the leading theories and/or models for understanding risk and protective factors for military suicide; and

2) To understand current best practices in military suicide prevention, intervention, and postvention and to discuss its limitations.

CME Credit Points will be awarded


Monday, 03. April 2017 till Wednesday, 05. April 2017 13:00 - 17:30


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