SAS-141 Research Symposium on Deterrence & Assurance Within An Allied Framework

Thursday, 17. January 2019 until Friday, 18. January 2019 08:00 - 17:30



The Science and Technology Organization organizes a Research Symposium on Deterrence & Assurance Within An Allied Framework on 17 and 18 January 2019 in London, United Kingdom.

Participation is open to individuals from NATO Nations, NATO Bodies, Australia, Finland and Sweden.

Among the presenters are representatives from King’s College London, NATO Joint Force Command Brunssum, National Defense Academy of Latvia, NATO Allied Maritime Command, Carleton University, University of Warwick, Staffordshire University, Middlebury Institute of International Studies, Center for Strategic and Budgetary Assessments, and Leonardo.

The aim is to develop a thorough understanding of Deterrence & Assurance in a contemporary context, and provide recommendations for how these concepts are used as part of military planning, education and training.

Deterrence & Assurance are fundamental to the Alliance. The presentations and discussion will contribute to a clearer, shared understanding of how national contributions to alliance activities can be linked to collective military objectives. Such an understanding will not only have utility for military planning, education, training, and capability development, but may also lead to significant benefits in terms of force posture, costs, and ultimately conflict prevention.

The General Information Package is available (password protected) at this meeting announcement after your registration is validated. This package contains all information to make travel arrangements and benefit from negotiated hotel rates. The limited number of blocked rooms will be released on 19 December 2018.

The Conference Booklet will be published at the same location (password protected) 1 week prior to the conference and only accessible to participants in the conference.

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