AVT-321-RTC on Unified Missile Kinetic Performance Model

Tuesday, 10. September 2019 until Thursday, 12. September 2019 08:00 - 17:30

Tactical missiles can strike and intercept targets on land, in the air and at sea.

NATO needs to maintain a capability edge over potential adversaries with new and upgraded missile systems.

Concept definition is the first step towards a new missile system. Mission requirements will determine the size and performance of a system. Both are strongly related to the type and size of the propulsion sub-system.

Currently, to perform conceptual design, military users, procurement agencies and defense contractors in NATO nations use individual proprietary models and different data bases. This leads to non-consistent results and is hindering collaboration.

This Technical Course will take place at the following dates and locations:

04 - 06 June 2019 - NATO School Oberammergau, Oberammergau, DEU

27 – 29 August 2019 - NATO Joint Warfare Center, Stavanger, NOR

10 – 12 September 2019 - German Aerospace Center (DLR), Washington D.C., USA

17 – 19 September 2019 - Lancaster University Center Lancaster, CA, USA

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